Today, dated on 30th June, 2024 marks the successful conclusion of the second day of the OSCE Exam, which has been ongoing until yesterday for the graduating classes of the School of Health Sciences (SoHS) at Gollis University.

This exam, highly significant for the quality of education and the skills of medical students, was today entered into by the students from the Department of Nursing at the SoHS. Yesterday, the Midwifery students sat for the exam, demonstrating substantial effort as well.

The OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) focuses on assessing medical students’ skills in various areas, including patient care, technical skills, and overall medical knowledge. The exam consists of several stations, each with a specific task for evaluating the students.

The members of the Somaliland’s National Health Professionals Commission (NHPC) were present during the exam, playing a significant role in ensuring it was conducted smoothly and in accordance with the concerned international standards.

Gollis University is constantly striving to improve the quality of education and the skills of its students. The OSCE exam is a crucial step in ensuring that the graduating medical students fully prepared to join the workforce and serve the community, providing high-quality healthcare.

We wish success and proven progress for all the students entering into these standard exams for final evaluation before their entry into the required apprenticeship and the subsequent world of professional practice.
We, as the academic administration accompanied by the Senior Management Team, do hereby commend the substantial hardwork and the discipline shown by the students during their OSCE tests.

Office of Communications & Public Relations
Gollis University, Hargeisa Main Campus

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