Hargeisa (05/05/2024) The president of Gollis University, Hargeisa, Mr. Said Mohamed Ahmed, along with the university administration, welcomed a delegation from the University of Stavanger in Norway, who are currently in the country, to the main campus of Gollis University this morning.

The delegation consisted of experts from Social Sciences, Charitable Services, Research, and Teaching Specialists from the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Stavanger in Norway. They toured the labs, administrative offices, educational services, and teaching materials, and also visited the office of Dr. Said Ahmed Hassan, the founder and the Board Chair of Gollis Universities, which consists of 8 campuses in all regions of the country.

During this visit of learning, networking & cooperation, the delegation learned about and inspected Gollis University, its Central Campus & Administration Center. The delegation, along with the leadership of Gollis University, visited some local charity organizations, especially Takulo and Gargar, and they visited their centers in Hargeisa. They shared information about the social services they provide. The delegation also visited the ongoing construction of the Headquarters & Main Campus of Gollis University in Hargeisa.

Finally, the valuable delegation from Norway, led by Dr. Ayan Xandulle, will provide training to some Students and Lecturers from Gollis and Hargeisa Universities that are both a part of this tripartite Partnership consortium.

Office of Communications and Media Gollis University, Hargeisa.

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