Hargeisa, Dec 12. 2023

In a landmark event, the management of Gollis University, led by the esteemed founder and general chairman, Dr. Saed Ahmed Hassan, and the university president, Mr. Saeed Mohamed Ahmed, hosted a distinguished delegation from South Africa. The South African delegation, led by the Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises and Deputy Chairman of the ruling ANC party, engaged in discussions with key figures in Somaliland to explore potential collaborations in education.

The event was attended by high-profile guests, including the Minister of the Ministry of Interior JSL, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Chairman of the ruling party in Kulmiye, Ambassador Ahmed Gaweyto, and other notable dignitaries. Various officials from both sides expressed warm welcomes and discussed opportunities for collaboration between Gollis University and leading universities in South Africa.

The President of Gollis University, in a statement, emphasized the importance of the visit, stating, “South Africa is an important country, which is a role model for other African countries, including Somaliland. We want to learn so much from South Africa, particularly the outstanding universities in the country.” The President expressed keen interest in establishing connections with South African universities and expressed hope for fruitful collaborations that would benefit students and faculty at Gollis University.

The South African delegation, reciprocating the warm welcome, expressed their commitment to facilitating the connection between Gollis University and South African institutions. Discussions during the visit focused on potential frameworks for collaboration, exchange programs, and academic initiatives to enhance educational opportunities for students.

The evening concluded with a dinner and cultural offerings, where Gollis University’s senior management honored the South African delegation. The delegation expressed gratitude for the warm reception and commended the efforts towards fostering international partnerships in education.

This historic meeting marks a significant step towards creating a globalized learning environment for students at Gollis University and fostering international collaboration in education. The collaboration aims to contribute to the advancement of education and cultural exchange between Somaliland and South Africa.

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