Hargeisa (January 07, 2024) Gollis University recently conducted a training program on Cybersecurity and Digital Communication. The three-month training was provided to members of the Somaliland Police Force and included comprehensive programs led by experts from Gollis University’s Colleges of Computing and Technology, and Engineering.

Mr. Abdirisaaq Dahir Khalif, the Vice President of Administration and Finance at Gollis University, emphasized that this training was crucial for the Police Force. He stated that it aligns with the university’s policy, guided by its founder and president, Dr. Saed Ahmed Hassan, to collaborate with the Police Force. The university has been awarding scholarships for the 19 years of its existence, and Mr. Khalif encouraged the trainees to apply the knowledge and skills they acquired in their work, assuring the university’s readiness to provide any further needed training.

The head of the training department at the Police, Abdi Ahmed Tiir, expressed his gratitude to Gollis University for its support and collaboration. He recalled the early days of the university’s establishment when they awarded scholarships to thirty soldiers, including himself and other commanders present at the platform. Mr. Tiir acknowledged Gollis University as the institution that has generously granted the highest number of scholarships, emphasizing its substantial contribution to nation-building and the military.

General Dahir Ali Waays, the second deputy commander of the Police Force, also underscored the importance of the training and its alignment with current technology. He mentioned that Gollis University, where he studied Civil Engineering and graduated in 2010, has consistently supported the police for the 19 years of its existence. He praised the university for readily providing scholarships and noted its distinctiveness compared to other universities facing challenges. He concluded by expressing confidence in the ongoing positive relationship between Gollis and the Police Force, highlighting continued collaboration in matters related to the development and enhancement of knowledge and skills in police work.

Various officials spoke at the event, expressing gratitude for the training provided. This partnership between the Police Force and the university emphasizes Gollis University’s commitment to promoting academic and contemporary skills essential for the police.

Office of Communications and Media Gollis University, Hargeisa.

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