Initially, the president initiated the meeting and expressed gratitude to the university council for their attendance. Subsequently, the president provided a comprehensive report on the administration’s activities, particularly highlighting the ongoing development projects across the university campus, the initiation of construction projects, the inauguration of the new facility for the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPSR), and the restructuring of various university offices. He emphasized the implementation of distance learning programs (E-learning), underscoring the university’s commitment to enhancing the SPSR.

Mr. Abdirahman Osman Jama, the director of the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPSR), delivered a presentation outlining current and upcoming programs. He emphasized the university’s plan to introduce a comprehensive training program aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of administrators, staff, and faculty members, thus significantly contributing to management and teaching practices.

Eng Fu’ad Abdirashid Adam, the head of Communication, Media, and Online Education, introduced the new E-campus platform, elucidating its various features and functionalities.

Concluding the meeting, Dr. Saad Ahmed Abdiwali, the vice president of Academic and Student Affairs, elaborated on essential leadership techniques applicable in educational settings. He commended the staff for their commendable efforts in the previous year. Following discussions and deliberations, the university president officially adjourned the meeting.

Office of Communications and Media Gollis University, Hargeisa.

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